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As Dubai’s healthcare and wellness destination, we remain focused on expanding our ecosystem to support the sustainable growth of our business partners. The first quarter of the year witnessed a series of inaugurations and expansions by our partners, varying from healthcare facilities to support services, underscoring our commitment to providing an impeccable environment for their success and growth.

In line with our unwavering commitment to advancing medical education and research, as well as fostering professional growth and knowledge exchange, we collaborated with RCSI University of Medicine and Health Sciences to organise 'Shaping the Future of Healthcare’ Symposium that discussed the role of clinical leaders in a rapidly evolving healthcare sector.

As we constantly work towards the city’s enhancement to improve the overall experience for residents and visitors, Dubai Healthcare City (DHCC) is undergoing an upgrade in signages and wayfinding, incorporating one of its key brand elements: the leaf. Our goal is to ensure seamless and accessible movement for everyone in Dubai Healthcare City.

The ecosystem we have built at Dubai Healthcare City continues to evolve as we strive to enhance healthcare delivery to meet the ever-changing and growing demands of the community.

We look forward to a successful year ahead, welcoming new projects and initiatives that enhance healthcare delivery in DHCC and the UAE.

Yours sincerely,
DHCA Management Team

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The 'Shaping the Future of Healthcare’ Symposium Sparks Insightful Discussions on the Role of Clinical Leaders in Enhancing the UAE’s Healthcare Future

Organised by Dubai Healthcare City Authority (DHCA) and RCSI University of Medicine and Health Sciences, 'Shaping the Future of Healthcare’ Symposium was held at DHCC Phase 2 Promenade in Al Jaddaf.

The symposium provided a platform for insightful discussions on the ‘Evolving Role of Clinical Leaders in a Dynamic Landscape,’ and featured participation of UAE health authorities, industry leaders and clinical experts, who gathered to debate key topics on the role of clinical leaders in an increasingly dynamic landscape. Topics discussed included key attributes needed to meet population growth and changing patient demands, the role of leaders in attracting and retaining talents and their requirements to acquire greater financial acumen.

The event provided a unique networking opportunity for industry professionals and facilitated establishing connections that contribute to the ongoing advancements in healthcare leadership and education, ultimately supporting patient care.

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Dubai Healthcare City Leads Technological Advancements in the MENA Healthcare

Healthcare in the MENA region is rapidly evolving, driven by technological advancements and a growing emphasis on preventive care. Artificial intelligence (AI) is revolutionising the industry, with Dubai Healthcare City (DHCC) at the forefront, leveraging AI for robotic surgeries and personalized medicine. DHCC's partnership with Prime Hospital’s Oncology Center of Excellence, is set to offer a full range of oncology services that will treat various types of cancers including but not limited to breast, colon, stomach, brain, and other tumours. The Hospital will also have Cyberknife®, a robotic radiosurgery unit being planned at the facility. Being the first to invest in the latest advancement in technology related to surgical visualization and retina imaging with a 3D Microscope and renovated retina scanner, Moorfields Eye Hospital in partnership with DHCC will also bring region-first technology in Ophthalmology to the hospital. These initiatives cement DHCC's commitment to keeping up with innovation in the healthcare industry and establishes the freezone as a leader, offering innovative healthcare solutions to the public and tourists alike.


Enhancing Accessibility at DHCC with Revamped Signages and Wayfinding

As you drive by Dubai Healthcare City (DHCC), you will notice a transformation on the buildings and streets as the community undergoes a significant upgrade in its signages and wayfinding.

This comes as part of its city enhancement program aimed at improving the overall experience for residents and visitors as we create unified, immersive, and intuitive directional approach for all individuals navigating the city.

DHCC’s goal is to create a seamless journey for everyone in the community, enhancing accessibility and movement. The wayfinding system's design incorporates the leaf, a key brand element symbolizing life, growth, and wellness, reflecting the DHCC brand. Integrating this motif throughout signage and navigation elements not only enhances aesthetic coherence but also embodies the core values of DHCC across the district.


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Embracing the Spirit of Ramadan

Dubai Healthcare City community members gathered for a Suhoor event on 27 March at the Palm Garden in Park Hyatt Hotel. The serene location, surrounded by palm trees and lush lawns, provided a tranquil setting, where attendees had a great chance to network. Overall, the Suhoor event was a wonderful opportunity for everyone to come together and celebrate the spirit of Ramadan.

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Inaugurations & Expansions

Dubai Healthcare City has witnessed several inaugurations and expansions by its business partners in the past quarter varying from healthcare facilities to support services. These developments are set to significantly benefit the community as a whole, serving as a testament to DHCC's ongoing efforts to enable the growth of its ecosystem.

SCI Chooses DHCC as GCC Hub for Stem Cell Banking

Smart Cells International (SCI), a leading member of FamiCord Group, announced Dubai as its GCC hub for stem cell banking. SCI has strategically chosen Dubai Healthcare City (DHCC) as the location to establish its state-of-the-art laboratory.

Spanning over 4,000 square feet, the laboratory is equipped with cutting-edge technology in stem cell banking, ensuring precision and prioritising sample safety and integrity in a fully monitored, Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) compliant clean room.

Located in the heart of DHCC, Smart Cells Lab is 15 minutes from Dubai International Airport, ensuring seamless sample transportation and offering convenience and efficiency for their valued clients.

The new laboratory represents a significant step forward in DHCC’s commitment to enhancing healthcare delivery to meet the growing demands of the health sector.

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DHCC Inaugurates AV Miracle Aesthetic Clinic

Dubai Healthcare City (DHCC) proudly inaugurated AV Miracle Aesthetic Clinic, a state-of-the-art facility with the latest technology, equipment and transformative aesthetic solutions. Strategically located in Ibn Sina Complex, Building 27 in DHCC, the clinic offers a range of treatments revolving around wellness and anti-ageing. The clinic ensures highly qualified, skilled and experienced professionals committed to providing the highest standard of care and innovative treatments whilst ensuring the utmost standards of safety.

American Wellness Centre Expands its Operations within DHCC

Dubai Healthcare City (DHCC) recently joined the American Wellness Centre to celebrate the inauguration of its latest expansion project. The American Wellness Centre has witnessed remarkable growth, comprising a team of over 55 professional consultants spanning across 18 specialties. Within the DHCC ecosystem, existing partners can thrive and receive continuous support to pursue their mission to achieve success.

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Magrudy’s Expands its Presence into DHCC

Dubai Healthcare City (DHCC) celebrated the opening of Magrudy’s Bookstore, located in Mohammed Bin Rashid Academic Medical Center, Building 14. The bookstore is a hub for intellectual enrichment, serving the diverse needs of visitors and students within the DHCC community.

With DHCC being home to leading academic and research institutions, the addition of Magrudy’s aligns with its commitment to creating opportunities for knowledge exchange and meeting the evolving demands of its growing community.

A Blend of Personalised Care and Advanced Technology Can Go A Long Way When Treating Medical Conditions

Clemenceau Medical Center Hospital welcomed a patient who has been diagnosed with coronary artery disease. The patient expressed his gratitude to Dr. Yasir Parviz, Consultant Interventional Cardiologist and the entire team at CMC hospital for their professional and excellent care.

Being diagnosed with coronary artery disease (CAD) following a CT cardiac scan that revealed a high coronary calcium score and significant narrowing in the right coronary artery, the patient was understandably concerned.

However, Dr. Parvis filled him with confidence by providing thorough information about the disease and assured him that advanced imaging technologies would be used to create a personalised treatment plan for him.

Traditionally, the treatment for CAD involves the use of a stent. However, the patient was relived to know that his case could be effectively managed with medication alone. The patient's experience at CMC Hospital highlights the importance of personalised care and the use of advanced technology in treating complex medical conditions.

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DHCC Diversifies its Educational Platforms

Dubai Healthcare City remains committed to providing its community with platforms and pathways to foster professional development and opportunities for knowledge sharing. Its ecosystem gives industry leaders direct access to a network of experts and specialists who have the skills and solutions to deliver successful patient-focused healthcare in the UAE. DHCC delivered on a number of insightful conferences and talk sessions that tackles different topics, varying from training sessions to mental health talks.

DHCC’s Partner ‘Protoclinic’ Organises Insightful Conference

Dubai Healthcare City (DHCC) hosted an insightful training session organised by its esteemed business partner, Protoclinic. The session titled ‘The Good Clinical Practice’ was designed to provide healthcare professionals within the DHCC community with valuable insights and updates in the field.

Attendees had the opportunity to engage in knowledge-sharing sessions and network with industry experts, fostering a collaborative environment for learning and professional growth. This comes in line with DHCC’s commitment to fostering the development and growth of healthcare professionals within its ecosystem.

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DHCC Hosts Enlightening Session on ADHD in Collaboration with American Wellness Centre

Dubai Healthcare City (DHCC) hosted the third session of the Mental Wellbeing Community Talks Programme in collaboration with the American Wellness Centre on ADHD. The session titled ‘What I Wish My Parents Knew’ shed light on the challenges faced by individuals diagnosed with ADHD and their caregivers.

Dr. Cynthia Roukoz, who guided the audience through the complexities of ADHD, emphasised the importance of bridging the gap between individuals with ADHD and their parents. She also provided invaluable insights into its impact on daily life, while also offering solutions and techniques to manage ADHD effectively.

DHCC's Relationship Management Session Delivers Valuable Insights

As part of its Mental Wellbeing Community Talks Programme, Dubai Healthcare City (DHCC) organised a new session in collaboration with the American Wellness Centre to dive deep into the art of mastering relationships for success across all life aspects. The fourth session of the programme featured Dr. Farah Qadir, who shared practical methods for individuals to enhance their interpersonal skills, creating meaningful personal and professional relationships.

Held at Society in DHCC, the session provided attendees with valuable tools and insights to cultivate fulfilling relationships that contribute to overall wellbeing and success.


The Speech Clinic Achieves A Remarkable Year of Growth

In just one year, The Speech Clinic in Dubai Healthcare City has undergone remarkable growth, establishing itself as a premier paediatric therapy centre in the region. Starting with a team of 7 staff members, the clinic has expanded to 42 professionals, offering comprehensive care in speech therapy, occupational therapy, ABA therapy, feeding therapy, and physiotherapy. The clinic has positively impacted over 1000 families, providing personalized consultations and tailored treatments for developmental challenges.

A significant milestone was achieved with the inauguration of a new integrated therapy wing, expanding the clinic's footprint to 7000 square feet, resulting in an increase in its therapy rooms from 7 to 30. This facility enhances its ability to deliver high-quality care, offering space for innovative therapy sessions and specialized programs. The clinic emphasizes collaboration, transparency, and empowerment, welcoming parents as partners in the therapeutic process and reporting significant improvements in children's communication, motor skills, and well-being.

The Speech Clinic celebrates neurodiversity, embracing each child's unique strengths. With a dedicated team and state-of-the-art facilities, the clinic is committed to providing the highest standard of care. Looking ahead, The Speech Clinic remains dedicated to serving the community, fostering innovation and excellence in paediatric therapy, and making a meaningful difference in the lives of children and families.

Nahida Amin-Ali

Dr. Nahida Amin-Ali

Chief of Staff at Mediclinic City Hospital

Dr. Nahida Amin-Ali has been Chief of Staff at Mediclinic City Hospital since 2018. Her role involves collaborating closely with the Medical Director to oversee the clinical workforce, manage hospital operations, and contribute to strategic decisions.

"Working in a community like Dubai Healthcare City, which serves as the healthcare hub in Dubai, can significantly enhance my professional growth and personal development. Being part of such a dynamic environment allows me to collaborate with a diverse range of healthcare professionals, exchange knowledge, and gain exposure to innovative practices and technologies in healthcare,“ said Dr. Amin-Ali. “ Among the many memorable moments at Mediclinic, one that stands out is the successful implementation of the Electronic Health Record system in City Hospital. This achievement marked a significant milestone, as it was executed with operational and financial excellence, making it a standout moment in our journey.”

Dr. Amin-Ali's educational background includes a medical degree and completion of the CCT for Family Medicine in the UK. Currently pursuing a Global MBA (Healthcare) with the University of London, she is dedicated to augmenting her clinical skills and enhancing her capacity in medical leadership.

Beyond her role at Mediclinic, Dr. Amin-Ali is actively engaged in the healthcare community as a member of the Faculty of Medical Leadership and Management, UK. Through participation in conferences, she collaborates with peers to address pertinent issues in healthcare leadership and management.

Her dedication to healthcare stems from a genuine desire to help people, evident in her commitment to supporting the clinical workforce and improving patient care at Mediclinic City Hospital.



Capturing Novotel Hotel, one of the essential hospitality facilities, on a sunny day in the beautiful community of Dubai Healthcare City. A shot highlighting the blend of luxury and comfort that defines the community's diverse offerings.



Professional Diploma in Clinical Leadership

Online – April 2024


Professional Diploma in Leading Digital Health Transformation

Online – April 2024


American Wellness Center 3rd Annual Conference

Neurology and Mental Health - Wellness for All

Day1 - 26 April, 2024

Dusit Thani Hotel, Dubai | 08:00 - 19:00

Day2 - 27 April, 2024

Virtual | 08:00 - 19:00


Musical Siblings from Cuba Find Inspiration in Dubai's Serene Promenade

Maisbel Ravelo Mora and Julio Cesar Ravelo Mora Two incredibly talented Musicians siblings and content creators from Cuba have recently relocated to Dubai, bringing with them a vibrant passion for their country's music and culture. Eager to raise awareness about Cuban music, they have embarked on a mission to share their vibrant music with the world.

The siblings found a new home in Dubai, which inspired their music. They aim to captivate audiences with the vibrant sounds of Cuba, sharing their culture in Dubai and beyond.

Upon discovering the Dubai Healthcare City Phase 2 Promenade in Al Jaddaf, the siblings were immediately drawn to its tranquil surroundings. The serene environment sparked their creativity, inspiring them to compose even more music.

The breathtaking scenery of the promenade, paired with their exceptional music, enhanced their music videos, captivating a larger audience equally interested in both their music and the location.

Dubai Healthcare City Promenade is super nice, it is very calm. Actually, when we posted our video, everyone was asking where is the place because they love it. The view is super nice and super calm. You can play as loud as you want,” said Maisbel Ravelo Mora



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