DHCC marks 20th anniversary with launch of white paper on Middle East Health sector

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We recently concluded our 20th anniversary and we are proud to say the past two decades have been remarkable in terms of growth and success. Over the past 20 years, Dubai Healthcare City has established itself as a global health and wellness destination and, with the continued support of our leadership, valued business partners, and of our dedicated staff, we will continue contributing to the advancement of the health sector, in the UAE and beyond.

We are committed to meeting the healthcare requirements of the communities we serve, leveraging best-in-class technologies, resources, and processes, to enable excellence in healthcare, attract leading local and international healthcare providers, and drive public-private partnerships.

The recent unveiling of our whitepaper entitled "Emerging Opportunities in Middle East Healthcare," is testament to that. The in-depth research provides insights into the region's healthcare sector with an emphasis on the GCC. The development of the study was derived from the belief that only through understanding the industry and region in which we operate can we deliver the best service.

With a number of new projects in the pipeline, we look forward with anticipation to another exciting year at DHCC.
Thank you for your continued support.

Yours sincerely,
DHCA Management Team


DHCC marks 20th anniversary with launch of white paper on Middle East Health sector

Dubai Healthcare City Authority proudly celebrated the 20th anniversary of Dubai Healthcare City with the unveiling a major industry whitepaper titled “Emerging Opportunities In Middle East Healthcare.”

The insightful research paper, which was launched at the 2023 edition of Arab Health, also demonstrates our commitment to help grow and enhance the region’s healthcare sector, and give back to the healthcare community.

The study provides detailed insights into the healthcare sector with a special focus on the GCC. Key findings include a growth forecast in GCC healthcare spending to reach USD99.6 billion by the end of 2023, up from USD86.2 billion in 2020, with the UAE and Saudi Arabia commanding approximately 80% share of total spending.

Vitally, the paper acknowledged recent regulatory changes in Dubai’s healthcare sector to improve efficiencies, and an increasing focus on private-public partnership projects, with Dubai Healthcare City leading as a primary enabler of industry growth.



Prime Heart and Lung Hospital, a new nine-story complex, which spans 33,000 square meters, is expected to be a valuable addition to the Dubai Healthcare City - Phase 2 expansion. It will feature 150 beds and provide advanced non-invasive, diagnostic, and interventional procedures, as well as specialized rehabilitation.

The hospital is set to include three centers of excellence for heart, lung, and oncology. The Lung Care Centre of Excellence will handle all facets of diagnosis, management, and treatment of respiratory conditions, while the Heart Care Centre of Excellence will provide a variety of invasive and non-invasive diagnostic and treatment procedures for cardiac conditions. The oncology center, the Marie Curie Cancer Institute (MCCI), will have access to a 360-degree comprehensive cancer care system and all treatment plans will be tailored to suit the specific needs of patients.



Dubai Healthcare City enjoyed a successful participation at Arab Health 2023, the global medical expo, celebrating two decades journey of enabling excellence in healthcare. During the four days of networking and knowledge sharing we unveiled several initiatives to encourage investment in Dubai's healthcare sector. The expo helped DHCC showcase business partner success stories and recently implemented programmes.


On the opening day we launched Day the whitepaper entitled “Emerging Opportunities in Middle East Healthcare”.

On the opening day we launched Day the whitepaper entitled “Emerging Opportunities in Middle East Healthcare”. During the event we signed an agreement with Moorfield’s Eye Hospital Dubai, which will see the leading British facility expand its operations in Dubai Healthcare City Freezone by 20 per cent.


We also signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with KLAIM, the award-winning fintech specializing in next generation healthcare revenue cycle management on day three. The MoU enables DHCC stakeholders and partners to receive preferential subscription rates to KLAIM’s propriety platforms, which are designed to boost performance, speed up insurance claims processing and settlement, reduce staffing overheads and improve the overall patient experience.

Arab Health was also the platform for an agreement with Dar Al Ber Society to open its second endowment and charity pharmacy in the UAE. It is the first organisation in DHCC to fund charitable projects. The agreement, signed on the final day of the event, will primarily focus on patient access to medications for chronic diseases, with the provision of medicine to those in need and low-income patients who can either not afford the cost of the medicine or are not covered by their health insurance.



Following the successful implementation of DHCA’s ‘Masari’ initiative, a tailored employment training programme for UAE nationals, we welcomed our second cohort of trainees. The programme’s continuation is evidence of its success and our commitment to helping the UAE achieve its goals to give young UAE nationals full ownership of their careers and vital, practical decision-making experience.

‘Masari’, which is Arabic for “My Pathway,” reflects the programme’s strategic objectives of helping young Emirati professionals build their careers and enable them to reach their full potential.


Emirati artist helps beautify DHCC buildings

Murals painted by Emirati artist Ahmed Al Mahri are now on full display on buildings across DHCC, as part of our urban spaces enhancement programme.

“The collaboration with DHCC is the most prominent in my career because it is an ideal opportunity to present a work of art that embodies the identity of one of the most prominent destinations in Dubai,” Al Mahri said. “My work showcases the noble message of DHCC as well as the rich Arab heritage in the medical field. I would like to thank DHCC for the trust they gave me. It has been a great experience working on this project, which I consider as my small contribution to foster Dubai’s position as the hub for art, creativity and cultural diversity.”

The artworks demonstrate the region’s ties to ancient history of medicine by highlighting some of the Arab World’s most prominent scientists.


Taking Care of Delivery Riders

Food delivery riders now have a dedicated space to rest and recharge both their physical health and their phone batteries while they wait at Dubai Healthcare City, thanks to a new CSR initiative. Rider’s Corner-DHCC was launched with an objective of demonstrating the free zone’s commitment to maintaining the health and wellness of the widest possible segment of Dubai society.

Riders’ Corner-DHCC is located alongside Society in Building 64 and features a custom air-conditioned space, providing the riders with a place to rest and get access to drinking water and phone charging stations. Riders will be also given access to complimentary periodic health check-ups, healthcare services and products.


DHCA received ISO/IEC 27001:2013 certification

Earlier this year, we received the ISO/IEC 27001:2013 standards certification for DHCA’s best-in-class data security management and protection capabilities. The accreditation, which is the globally recognised information security standard, strengthens the authority’s efforts to achieve excellence in its information infrastructure and shows its commitment to adopt the highest internationally applied standards in the field of information security.

The ISO/IEC 27001:2013 accreditation certifies that DHCA has implemented an Information Security Management System (ISMS) and achieved conformity with the requirements in the IT Services delivered to employees and business partners in the scope of the Information Security Management System.

Prior to being accredited, we provided information security training to staff, educating them on significant topics such as cyberattacks on businesses, various ISMS tools, and the implementation of ISO 27001:2013's controls, among others. The training was a part of efforts to enhance the staff's knowledge base and their experiences in a technologically advanced society.

The accreditation is our latest achievement, following DHCA’s recent ranking in the Dubai Cyber Index, where we scored the highest mark on the Index, a Digital Dubai initiative for local government entities.

The ranking is consistent with our continued efforts to build a soft and hard infrastructure, which guarantees business continuity and provides partners the best services.


Thessaloniki International Fair

Dubai Healthcare City attended the 86th Thessaloniki International Fair (TIF), a renowned annual international exhibition. We were the only organisation in representing health and wellness at the exhibition. The participation allowed the DHCC delegation to network with international tech firms, health tech startups, and pharmaceutical firms interested in establishing offices in Dubai. Additionally, the fair made it possible to connect with skilled and experienced medical professionals who were eager to join C37.

National Day Celebrations

The DHCC community came together to mark UAE National Day with a wide range of activities that highlighted the Spirit of the Union. The event celebrated the 51st anniversary of the establishment of the seven emirates and the nation’s peace and prosperity, under the leadership of the UAE’s founding fathers and His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Zayed Al Nahyan, President of the UAE, and His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Vice President and Prime Minister of the UAE and Ruler of Dubai.

The festivities focused on the long history and traditions of the UAE, its people, and emphasized the outstanding accomplishments the nation has achieved both at home and abroad. The federation established 51 years ago has developed into a thriving, connected nation that is united through a cohesive national spirit.




Dubai Healthcare City had a significant participation in the latest edition of Dubai Fitness Challenge. Throughout the four-week period, The DHCC community came together and embraced several activities from padel and cricket tournaments to yoga practices and mental fitness day. The DFC - DHCC Padel Tournament saw Johnson & Johnson Middle East, our partner, secure first place, while the DHCA Team won the DFC-DHCC Cricket Tournament, producing some priceless memories along the way.

In line with Dubai's initiatives to highlight the importance of mental health and as part of DFC-DHCC programme, we organised a Mental Fitness Day which included entertaining activities, expert-led seminars, giveaways, breathing exercises and an ice bucket challenge.


Region’s first robotic surgery on an 8-month-old baby

The Robotic Center of Excellence at Clemenceau Medical Center successfully performed the first robotic surgery on an eight-month-old infant, marking a first in the region. The purpose of this procedure was to widen a congenitally narrowed urethra that was causing serious kidney damage and inflammation.




Mediclinic City Hospital performed laparoscopic repair of ureter on a 70-year-old gentleman presented with an impacted left upper ureteric stone. The procedure provided a viable and long-term alternative to other treatment methods. This procedure is normally carried out in a traditional open surgery, lasting several hours, and needing a large abdominal incision and prolonged post-operative recovery. The laparoscopic approach offers minimally invasive surgery and far quicker recovery period.


LightHouse Arabia Opens in DHCC

The LightHouse Arabia, the Dubai-based mental health and wellness clinic providing high-quality outpatient services to children, adults, couples, and families, has opened a new branch in DHCC. The leading mental health clinic in the UAE is housed in Ibn Sina Building Block B, 27B, and has an international staff of more than 30 psychologists, psychiatrists, coaches, and occupational and speech therapists that all work together to provide integrated care for patients of all ages and stages of life.



Breast Cancer Awareness

Every October, DHCC observes Breast Cancer Awareness Month and 2022 was no different. With a number of activations throughout the month, we emphasized our commitment to spreading awareness of the illness and providing support to both men and women who are fighting it. The global initiative's goal is to promote public awareness of breast cancer risk factors and mitigation procedures, while also serving as a reminder that early detection significantly improves recovery chances.



Inauguration of the Speech Clinic

A new addition to Dubai Healthcare City’s wide spectrum of healthcare services, The Speech Clinic, was recently inaugurated by H.H Sheikh Abdulaziz Al Nuaimi , Environmental adviser to the Government of Ajman also known as “Green Shaikh “ . The inauguration was attended by The DHCA Management Members. The Clinic has been established with the aim of serving as a comprehensive early intervention center for children with developmental delays and autism spectrum disorder. Dedicated to nurturing children with special needs, the Clinic provides a safe, inclusive, and supportive environment through education, therapeutic intervention, and community acceptance. The Clinic follows a transparent, open-door policy, allowing parents to be involved during sessions and works closely with highly qualified and experienced senior therapists and center/school/nursery-based services to help every child reach their potential.


Opening of the Orthognathic Surgery Center

The Orthognathic Surgery Center, specializing in dentistry and jaw surgery, was officially opened on March 12 ,2023 with a memorable ceremony held at the Hyatt Regency Creek Heights Hotel in Dubai Healthcare City. It is the first of its kind in the Middle East, backed by a remarkable team of specialized surgeons from France. Previously, these kinds of surgeries were only available abroad. However, easy access to the country has led to a significant increase in inquiries from Asia, Europe, and America since the opening of the Center. Dr. Ahmad Al-Zahaili and Dr. Jean Francois Tulasne, the Center’s founders attended the event with other senior guests, leading doctors, employees, and members of the media. One of the highlights of the Orthognathic Surgery Center is the Center for Reconstructive Surgery.

  • H1 2023 EDITION

Dr Hisham Hakim is a Specialist Neurologist and currently serving as Chairman of the American Spine Center, where he has worked since 2010.

“I am immensely honored to be a part of this most vibrant healthcare community, Dubai Healthcare City,” said Dr Hakim. “As far as the American Spine Center is concerned, the last 12 months have been a time of accomplishment. During this time, we reached an agreement with the Beit Al Khair Society that will provide increased access to quality healthcare services for disadvantaged patients in the region and help reduce health disparities and improve the overall health and wellbeing of the population.”

Dr Hakim attained his medical degree from the Faculty of Medicine at Syria’s Aleppo University and finished his neurology training at the University of South Alabama, USA, before earning a Master’s in Public Health at the University of Illinois in Chicago. In 1990, he obtained his board certification in neurology and opened the Greystone Neurological Center in Birmingham, Alabama, a year later.

Associated with multiple international organisations, he is a member of the task force aiming to lower disability from back pain in the USA by 10 per cent by 2025. He has delivered talks at multiple international conferences on his expertise in this field and provided educational and training programmes to healthcare providers in the USA.


Moorfields Eye Hospital Dubai Increases operation by 20%

Since opening its doors in 2007, Moorfields Eye Hospital Dubai (MEHD) has provided comprehensive eyecare services for all ages through specialist teams of consultant ophthalmologists, orthoptists, and optometrists. Elhadi Hassan, Managing Director of MEHD, shares his insights about the hospital’s ambitions, growth and plans to nurture the next generation of eyecare professionals:

We have enjoyed a successful partnership with Dubai Healthcare City, which has resulted in agreement to expand Moorfields Eye Hospital Dubai’s operations by 20%. This expansion will include the introduction of region-first technologies, a new VIP, and Executive Examination Suite, as well as three new clinical areas and additional waiting areas. All of which will cement our positions as leaders in eyecare.

In expanding our services, we are catering to the increased demand from residents and visitors for quality eyecare services. With Dubai’s goal to become a global medical tourism hub, we are well equipped to service the expected increase in medical tourists, and we will continue to enhance our offerings accordingly.

We are embracing technological change and are excited with our plans to introduce advanced visual field-testing using AI. This will profoundly increase the speed and accuracy of detecting early-stage Glaucoma. Plans are in process for a dedicated Dry Eye Clinic, which will be equipped with state-of-the-art equipment to correctly diagnose and correctly treat dry eyes as opposed to prescribing lubrication. This will include the newest device for dry eye management: LIPI-flow. Lastly, we are also planning to install new state-of-the-art retina laser to treat retinal conditions with complete comfort and zero pain. This is provided by the PASCAL laser system.

Over the years, MEHD has organised a variety of programmes to bring overseas doctors to Dubai, allowing them to become familiar with the elite care we provide and the innovative healthcare environment in Dubai, and that will continue this year with our year-round elective programmes, as well as national and international observerships.

MEHD is committed to help nurture the next generation of eye care professionals and we have tremendously enjoyed supporting the Mohammed Bin Rashid University of Medicine and Health Sciences with the clerkship programme for its students. This will be enhanced this year with the introduction of preceptorships, which are aimed at helping newly qualified practitioners transition from students to independent professionals.


“I have been a part of Dubai Healthcare City since 2016 when I was employed as a visiting clinician at the Mohammed Bin Rashid University (MBRU). I then went on to open the Perio Clinic in March 2018 and next month we will celebrate our fifth anniversary! This image was taken at the end of a busy week on a Friday evening – the lighting and decor caught my eye through the doorway as I was leaving the Al Razi Medical Complex and I liked how the building still looked full of energy even as the weekend loomed. Dubai Healthcare City has been my professional home for more than five years now and I am eager to see our community grow. I look forward to seeing more development through the opening of Society”.

Geoffrey Sharpe – owner and founder of Perio Clinic


Society is Now Open

Society, DHCC's new dining and retail space with a relaxed urban flair, is officially open to customers and businesses seeking direct access to the city’s vibrant community and its extensive network of partners. Featuring restaurants, cafes, and retail shops, Society complements the rich lifestyle offerings within the thriving community. Located in Al Razi Medical Complex (building 64), Society serves as the ideal destination to connect, socialize, and enjoy quality dining and shopping experiences at the heart of DHCC.


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