Let the Mind Thrive – The Education and Knowledge Season

Since the establishment of Dubai Healthcare City (DHCC) in 2002, our objective has been to enable high quality integrated healthcare, education, research and wellness to develop an ecosystem of excellence.

In line with the UAE national agenda 2021, advancing a world class healthcare is a key requirement for the development of our country’s knowledge-based economy.

DHCC have continuously worked towards enabling high quality medical education and continuous professional development programs to develop local talent, research capacity and infrastructure.  Today we have more than 15 institutions within our free zone which contribute to the advancement of the education portfolio in our country.

The third season of the ‘DHCC Theme-based Campaign Program’ for education. ‘Let the Mind Thrive – The Education and Knowledge Season’, which starts today and ends on 15 February, will showcase the work of our partners in raising the bar of excellence in education.

During the season, the DHCC community will launch several initiatives including events and awareness material to help the mind thrives. It will also introduce the public to the qualified professionals working in the sector.