Partnership with Patient Safety Movement Foundation

Even ONE preventable patient death is one too many. These words ignite action for Dubai Healthcare City (DHCC) in the field of patient safety. From introducing protocols to rolling out international guidelines, and instilling a culture of safety through accreditation, DHCC has kept the patient at the heart of its operations.

Over the years, DHCC has launched several initiatives. In November 2017, Dubai Healthcare City (DHCC) partnered with the US-based Patient Safety Movement Foundation (PSMF), bringing the Patient Safety Movement to the Middle East. 

The ongoing partnership with PSMF has delivered the first Dubai Healthcare City Best Practice Conference in November 2018.  The conference was PSMF’s first public event in the Middle East.

In January 2019 (sidelines of Arab Health), DHCC signed a cooperation agreement with PSMF to jointly launch by early 2019 a national patient safety pledge that aims to prevent harm to patients during treatment and care.

Three months later on World Health Day (April 7), leading healthcare organizations, representing more than 2,600 professionals from DHCC signed the Patient Safety Pledge in partnership with PSMF, supported by the non-profit organization Emirates Medical Association (EMA).

The Pledge is open to healthcare organizations and professionals in the free zone, and the wider UAE. Once a healthcare professional takes the digital pledge, PSMF will get in touch with the professional to encourage him/her to proceed with PSMF formal commitment on its website; identify patient safety challenges in their clinical environment; and benefit from free, evidence-based Actionable Patient Safety Solutions developed by PSMF. 

To take the Patient Safety Pledge, click here