French Aesthetics Clinic

French Aesthetics Clinic

Very high quality French medical services in plastic surgery field from the consultation till the fellow up after any procedure done under our clinic name (surgical or non surgical) with French system in the healthcare in which the safety of the patient comes first and by choosing the most suitable procedure for each person individually based on scientific studies to give best result expected from our patients and keep them satisfied. 

The clinic offer both surgical and non surgical procedures that fit the requirements of each individual patient by consulting our high certified French plastic surgeons. After making the decision with the patient about the procedure that she/he need, if the procedure is non surgical or done under a local anesthesia will be done in the treatment room of our clinic. otherwise, all the surgical operations which need a general anesthesia  will be done in a hospital


  • Alaslawi Ahmad ( Plastic Surgery | Language: Arabic, English, French )

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